About Rich

Senior BBC foreign news journalist and presenter, seen on BBC World TV and heard on the BBC World Service.

Rich’s report on the death of a man from a mysterious new disease in China was the first TV news piece by an international broadcaster on what became the coronavirus pandemic – a story he then tracked as it spread around the world.

He’s host of BBC Topline – daily global news briefings for US breakfast radio, and appears regularly on other major international news outlets to be interviewed about world events – including the ABC in Australia, RNZ in New Zealand, and news networks in the US, Singapore, Nigeria, and South Africa.

He’s covered many major international events, including the Trump impeachment inquiry, waves of anti-government protests across the Middle East and Europe, and stories like the US killing of the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

Rich previously covered western Europe, reporting the most significant events to shape the continent in generations, including the migrant crisis, the Scottish Independence Referendum, terror attacks in France and Belgium, and the UK’s Brexit vote.

He’s worked across Europe and above the Arctic Circle. He’s hosted major international tech conferences in Asia and the UK, and delivered training to journalists in Africa.

In his spare time, Rich loves being outdoors and travelling.  He’s a qualified advanced off-road driver.


Below is Rich’s showreel and some of his work highlights.

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